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GM 700R4 Automatic Transmission Information

History & Information

The General Motors Turbo Hydramatic 700R4 (TH 700R4) is a 4 speed automatic transmission with overdrive and torque convertor. The 700R4 transmission was used in GM cars and light trucks with the 2.8, 3.1, 4.3, V6 motors and chevy built 305 and 350 small block V8 engines up until 1993, before becoming the 4L60E. It was offered in 2WD and 4WD versions.

It was first used in 1981 for Chevy and GMC cars and trucks and made from cast aluminum weighing about 155 pounds. By 1990 it was renamed the 4L60 and by 1992 it became electronically controlled with a Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) and was renamed the 4L60E. Though not mechanically similar, it is a dissident of the original Turbo-Hydromatic transmission from GM and Buick in the 1930's.

Find out more about your Turbo Hydramatic 700R4 transmission and how to identify it below.


GM TH 700R4 Transmission

Oil Pan
Gasket Pattern

Torque Converter
Stall Rating

4 Speed Automatic Overdrive

16 Bolt-Hole Pattern


The oil pan has a rectangle shape with it longer than it is wide. The oil pan and gasket to the housing are a 16 bolt pattern. 3 bolts front and rear and 5 on either side of the oil pan.

The 2 wheel drive version had a longer tail shaft than the 4 wheel drive version. The tail shaft is attached to the main case by 4 bolts.

The following are example clips from the "4L60E Automatic Transmission Rebuilding" video, which is almost identical and can be used for rebuilding a TH 700R4 tranny.

Click the thumbnail images on the right of the player to select a video.


Before you get started rebuilding your transmission, you'll need a few parts and tools. You'll need the appropriate transmission rebuild kit for your 700R4. Depending on what type of kit you buy, it should come with at least new steels and frictions. Usually included are all the bands, clutches, seals, sealing rings, gaskets and a filter and drain plug. Most higher end rebuild kits will include a new shift kit as well. The better kits will include new valves and valve springs for the valve body too.

A transmission repair manual is a must. We recommend one for your specific model from ATSG (Automatic Transmission Service Group). Every automatic transmission will need a universal clutch spring compressor as well as snap ring pliers and pic sets for removing valve guides.

Of course you will need to remove the transmission from the motor and chassis. If you're not familiar with this, the first part of the 'Basic Engine Building' video covers this and more. All of the automatic transmission rebuilding video's out there start off with the transmission already out. So be aware if you aren't familiar with removing the transmission. You will also need a good work space and transmission stand. It's best to have it able to rotate around for removing and installing components.

When rebuilding a 700R4 transmission of any year or model, you can remove all of the internal parts down to the low/reverse piston with out removing the valve body. It can be removed separately once it's internal parts are removed.

As you disassemble your transmission, make note of any obvious wear to parts that may need replacing. Keep the internal parts in the order they were removed to keep track of everything.

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